Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm the oldest....

On the ride to preschool the other day, Hannah & Spencer were discussing future events in their lives and who would get to go first based on age. This was how the conversation went.....

Hannah: I'm older so I get to go first.
Spencer: No, I'm older so I get to be first.
Hannah: Nu hu, I'm older.
Spencer: Mom, Who is older me or Hannah?
Mom: Actually, Hannah is older, bud.
Spencer: That's not true. I'm bigger than she is.
Mom: I know but that doesn't make you older.
Spencer: But Mom, my eyes are taller than her head.

That may always be the case with these two.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lawn Boy

Todd has been saying that he wants to get Russell to help him with the yardwork. He wants to eventually have Russell mow the front yard with a walking mower. Then when Russell can do that to his Dad's satisfaction, he can hire out to mow other yards. This was the first step in getting him to help.

Although, instead of blowing the grass clippings off the street and into the yard, he blew the grass out into the street. Oh well. He will get the hang of it soon enough. But he sure looks like he knows what he's doing.

Concert Festival

I like how my phone camera allows me to focus in on one thing. It made it possible to actually see Rachel in this picture of her on stage at the Concert Festival I helped chaperone last week. The orchestra and both band from our High School scored straight 1's. They all did amazing!!

All Green Day

Hannah & Spencer love their preschool class. They are totally into it. Especially when they have "special" days. Last Friday, they had All Green Day in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Spencer's hat has a propeller on it.

Hannah wanted to know why I didn't get her any green pants to wear.

Unfortunately, they were an hour late for school, cuz Momma took 2 sets of keys with her when she left to chaperone a High School fieldtrip and Daddy didn't have any keys to take them to school. He couldn't get any of the neighbors to answer their phones or their doors.

He ended up texting Janelle and had a friend leave work to go to the High School to pick up the spare key and bring it to him at home.

I've been instructed that from now on, I have to check to make sure I only have 1 set of keys with me when I leave the house.

A Scoutin' We will Go

I am caught up to this month now. Everything in the next few posts happened within the last few weeks.

This month's pack meeting was a big one for our family.

Christian got his first scouting award, his Bobcat.

And after much work and dragging of feet by the scout, Russell earned #8 & #9 in activity pins, his Religious patch, his compass patch, and his WEBELOS!!

Christian is going like gang busters to get his Wolf and Russell only has 2 more things to do to complete his Arrow of Light. Way to go boys!!! I am so proud of you both!

Happy Sweets Birthday to Me!!

This year's birthday was the year of the sweets.

Julie made me this sewing machine cake.

It's a replica of the new machine I got for Christmas.

This is the cake my friend, Stephanie made for me.

I also had 2 other friends who brought me bakery sweets for my birthday.
One brought 3 cupcakes from one of the cupcake shops.
Another friend gave me 3 gourmet cookies from one of the bakeries.

Thanks to all my friends who helped make this birthday a wonderful one!

Purple is my Favorite Color

but NOT when it comes in this shade....

I was on the couch when the phone rang all the way across the kitchen on the media center corner. I ran across the hardwood floor in my stocking feet and as I got close to the media corner, I slid. I stubbed my toe into the underside of the cabinet and promptly landed on my rear end. I'm glad no one was around to see my feat. But I didn't realize how badly I'd hurt myself until I took my socks off that night.